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Reset and restart

2017, remarkable of another year that I start from 'zero' again.

First time reset was happened in year 2011. I quit the organisation that I have worked for 15 years -and join in another organisation of different industry.

In the early month of 2017, I have a feeling in me that I was in a 'still/stagnant' stage and which deep side of me which want to 'move' forward. The feeling is strong and I am so glad that concurrently the opportunities knocked my door. I quickly grab the opportunity and tender my resignation.

So, as of today, I am so much happy that I have make up my mind earlier and grab the opportunities.
I am more clear now and the important things is that I know what I want :)

The items in the following list are vital for me to create my * dream *.

1) Love myself first 2) Be a tourist in your own city 3) Allocate at least 1 day for myself
4) Keep the habit of Reading
5) Continue to read the books in the shelves 
6) Practice and attend to Yoga class
7) To do…

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